Sunday, April 11, 2021

PC and Console Gaming News

Ford F-150 drives through the Year of the Ox in Rocket...

America's most purchased vehicle ever, the Ford F-150, joins Rocket League. At the same time, a new in-game event celebrates the Year of the...

All original Hearthstone cards getting retired in new revamp

Hearthstone is finally getting some major changes and improvements, albeit at the cost of a complete revamp. How will Hearthstone with no Classic or Basic...

Star Trek Online honors late Christopher Plummer

Star Trek Online players are honoring the famous Hollywood actor Christopher Plummer, who passed away last week at the age of 91. How did fans...

Guild Wars 2 welcomes Lunar New Year 2021

The annual Lunar New Year festival just launched in Guild Wars 2, celebrating the beginning of the Year of Ox. What to expect from these...

Nintendo reports another quarter of record Switch sales

Nintendo's latest financial report revealed that the company just had its best-ever quarter in terms of Switch sales which amounted to 11.57 million units...

Halo MCC Season 5 launches today, is completely free

As was previously announced, the Season 5 of Halo: The Master Chief Collection starts today, January 27th. 343 Industries confirmed as much on Twitter...

LoL: Wild Rift open beta coming soon to the U.S.

Riot Games recently announced that their new update for League of Legends: Wild Rift will be coming to North America sometime in March this...
Bravely Default II is still coming to Switch

Bravely Default 2 Is Still Happening And Coming To Switch

Bravely Default 2, that curious sequel to an even more curiously designed 3DS exclusive from 2012, is still happening, according to an official Twitter...
Resident Evil 2 Figurines 1300 USD

These $1,350 Resident Evil Figurines Take Collectibles To Another Level

You may consider yourself a hardcore fan of Capcom's Resident Evil games, but only very few of those who self-identify as such will also...
Valve Updates Steam Link

Valve Updates Steam Link With Keyboard, Mouse Improvements, Many Other QoL...

Valve today released the latest version of its mobile streaming app Steam Link for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The said over-the-air upgrade...
Diablo Immortal is still happening

Diablo Immortal Is Still Happening After Positive Player Feedback

It's been two years since Activision Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal, a spin-off RPG for Android and iOS that was met with quite a massive...
GTA 5 Chicago

This GTA 5 Mod Will Recreate Chicago

A newly announced modding project led by Filip VogleŇ° promises to recreate the entirety of downtown Chicago and perhaps even a greater chunk of...
Fortnite PS5 update next gen

Epic Reveals Next-Gen Fortnite Update For PS5, Xbox Series X

Epic Games today announced the most unsurprising announcement to come from its workshop in recent times - that concerning a free update to Fortnite...
Bungie Game Matter

More Details On Mysterious Bungie Game ‘Matter’ Revealed

Matter is the first truly next-generation video game in development at Bungie, but its existence has so far only been confirmed via a single...
Destiny 2 Forsaken

Don’t Expect Another Destiny 2 Expansion Like Forsaken, Bungie Says

Despite the fact that Destiny 2 is still going strong and will be looking to maintain or even build on its existing momentum once...
Confirmed For Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Instant Sparrow Summoning Confirmed For Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Instant Sparrow Summoning is a new gameplay mechanic that Bungie is developing for its hit online looter-shooter Destiny 2. The feature will be coming...
Microsoft Afraid Xbox Series X Shortages

Microsoft Afraid Xbox Series X Shortages Will Extend Into 2021

The Xbox Series X, the more higher-end half of Microsoft's next generation of consoles, is officially set to begin retailing on November 10th, two...
Watch Dogs Legion all consoles

Watch Dogs: Legion Now Available On All Platforms

Following a few shorter delays, Watch Dogs: Legion is at last available for purchase and download on both PC and consoles, the latter meaning...
Rockstar Announces GTA5 Next Gen

Rockstar Announces New GTA… V For Next-Gen Consoles

Rockstar Games is 100% confirmed to be trolling us at this point, having just announced yet another piece of GTA news that aren't related...
Uplay Is Now Ubisoft Plus

Uplay Is Now Ubisoft Plus, Also Available On Google Stadia, Amazon...

Ubisoft is rebranding its on-demand first-party video game library, Uplay Plus (sometimes stylized as Uplay+), with its new moniker of choice being even easier...
Steam in China

Valve May Soon Merge Chinese Steam Port With Global App Version

Despite the fact that it's been years since the global version of Steam and the China-specific one were one and the same, Valve is...
Population One Battle Royale Oculus

Population: One Dares To Charge Upfront For VR Battle Royale

Population: One, stylized so as to look like some's shouting the name due to sheer excitement or any other number of more concerning reasons,...
GTA 5 Meets Cyberpunk 2077

GTA 5 Meets Cyberpunk 2077 Thanks To Some Hardcore Modders

The modding community that developed around Grand Theft Auto V is unlike any other such ecosystem in the history of gaming; at least in...
Fortnite size smaller

Epic Finally Optimizing Fortnite’s Ridiculous PC File Size

More than three and a half years after its initial release on Windows PCs, Fortnite Battle Royale is at last being treated to a...
PS5 Camera Won't Work With PSVR

PS5 Camera Won’t Work With PSVR

The PlayStation 5 Camera, that was introduced just a few weeks ago, offers an array of upgrades over its PS4 predecessor and at the...
Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Is Nintendo’s Biggest AR Game Yet

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit can be purchase in the United States as of today. You can pick up either the Mario or Luigi...
PS5 accessorize rushed

Sony Rushing PS5 Accessories, New Release Dates Revealed

Pretty much every single piece of hardware launching as part of the PlayStation 5 generation of gaming hardware that's not the actual console will...
Assassin's Creed Valhalla minimum specs

Ubisoft Reveals Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Minimum, Recommended PC Specs

With less than a month away from the release of the latest main installment from the beloved Assassin's Creed series, Ubisoft is finally ready...
Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion To Offer RGB Gaming Heaven Thanks To MSI

Ubisoft and MSI just formalized a new partnership which is pretty much a guarantee that Watch Dogs: Legion will go above and beyond satisfying...
Destiny 2 to run 4k 60 fps on next gen

Bungie Details Next-Gen Destiny 2 Update

Video game developer and publisher Bungie today listed many details about the upcoming update to its hit online shooter Destiny 2. The new version...
Xbox Series X and S Launch Titles

Here Is The Complete List Of Xbox Series X/S Launch Titles

Microsoft today finally published its ultimate, complete list of all launch-day titles available and/or optimized for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S....
rockstar buys ruffian

Rockstar Acquires Halo, Crackdown Developers At Ruffian Games

Rockstar Games today announced the latest expansion of its already quite enormous family of studios that spans pretty much the entire planet. But, the...
Metroid Prime 4 release date unknown

Nintendo Rethinking Cinematic Gaming With Metroid Prime 4

Metroid Prime 4 is pretty unanimously considered one of the most universally popular video game franchises of all times. Especially relative to how many...
Fortnite Ghost Rider Cup

Marvel, Fortnite Up The Crossover Craziness, This Time Starring Daredevil

Fortnite is teaming up with Disney's ever-busy comicbook veterans from Marvel to once again do - what else than - up the in-game craziness...
Switch Joy-Cons

Switch Joy-Cons Finally Discounted Permanently, But Of Course There’s A Catch

More than three and a half years since the original release of the Switch handheld gaming console, Nintendo at last discounted a pair of...
The Outer Worlds 2 Rumored

Obsidian Already Working On The Outer Worlds 2: Insider

The Outer Worlds 2 was perhaps the most disappointing game of 2020, but that, as silly as it may sound, isn't really a big...
Star Wars Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons Devs Have Multiple New Projects But Zero DLC...

Studio Motive, the developers behind Electronic Arts' recent hit game Star Wars: Squadrons, revealed what's next for them in terms of major projects, in...
PS5 Won't Support these games

Sony Lists All PS4 Games The PS5 Won’t Support

The fact that the PlayStation 5 will offer backwards compatibility has been confirmed since way earlier in this year, but the way Sony achieved...
Ghost of Tsushima PS5 ugprade announced

Ghost of Tsushima Devs Promise Incredible Graphical Upgrade On PS5

Sucker Punch Productions, the charmingly named game development studio behind the PlayStation 4's swan song, Ghost of Tsushima, have today detailed the extent of...
ARPG Outriders Given 2021 Release Date

ARPG Outriders Given 2021 Release Date Following Delays

Outriders, the latest looter-shooter RPG from the cheekily named dev studio People Can Fly, finally has a concrete release date following a few vague...
Steam Game Festival

Valve Launches Steam Festival That’s All About Free PC Game Demos

Valve today announced the beginning of its latest digital Steam event that won't just offer hundreds of aggressive discounts on a wide variety of...

Next-Gen Xbox Consoles Getting Prey, Dishonored, Wolfenstein Remasters: Rumor

Mere weeks after Microsoft announced its blockbuster acquisition of ZeniMax Media, it would appear the latter's flagship studio, Bethesda Softworks, is working on quite...
Watch Dogs Legion Roadmap

Full Watch Dogs: Legion DLC Roadmap Revealed

Ubisoft today detailed the complete post-release content roadmap for Watch Dogs: Legion, one of the several big-budget multiplatform video games it plans to bring...
Rockstar Games Backslash 7th anniversary

Rockstar Faces Fan Backlash For Forgetting GTA Online’s 7th Anniversary

Rockstar Games, one of the most successful video game developers ever, in no small part due to GTA V and GTA Online, two parts...
Star Wars Squadrons Hits PC

Star Wars: Squadrons Hits PC and Consoles With a Bang

It has surely been a few months without a new Star Wars game, so time for a new Star Wars game! Cue Star Wars:...
Nintendo Sues Switch Hackers

Nintendo Successfully Sues Switch Hackers For $2 Million

Nintendo has successfully sued a company that sold customized units of the Switch semi-handheld console which were hacked to allow for homebrew software and...
Next Pokemon Sword and Shield Update Tackles Fan Complaint

Next Pokemon Sword and Shield Update Tackles Fan Complaint

The next update for GameFreak's hit pair of Pokemon RPGs - subtitled Sword and Shield, depending on the version - promises to address the...
xbox game pass EA library

EA Play Library Coming To Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For Free

The entirety of Electronic Arts' EA Play library offered as part of the company's titular subscription service akin to Netflix is about to become...
Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Ready For Its Grand Finale

Capcom has shared the first good look at the final meaty content update coming to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The fifth expansion of its...
Next Resident Evil Movie

Next Resident Evil Movie Isn’t Live-Action, But Netflix Has An Explanation

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is the name of yet another installment in the long-running series of action horror movies constructed as loose spinoffs based...
Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village May Still Come To PS4, Xbox One

Capcom today released an official statement regarding recent speculation about the possibility that Resident Evil Village may be available on the current generation of...
Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Trilogy Delayed, But In A Good Way

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the very likely BioWare will end up slapping on a trio of remasters covering its extensively praised and beloved sci-fi...
Football Manager 2021 release date

Football Manager 2021 Gets A Release Date, Xbox Return Confirmed

The next iteration of full-blown addiction thinly veiled as a video game about managing one or more football teams, Football Manager 2021, has an...
Horizon Zero Dawn Steam Launch

Horizon Zero Dawn Had An Insane Steam Launch, Sony Says

Sony is so taken aback by the sheer size of Horizon Zero Dawn's PC debut on Steam that it's pretty much 100% certain more...
Rocket League Free tO play

Rocket League Is Free To Play As Of Today

In accordance with what Psyonix announced earlier this year, the studio behind Rocket League that is now part of the Epic Games family has...
Bethesda Founder Tries Explaining Microsoft acquisition

Bethesda Founder Tries Explaining Microsoft’s Shock $7.5B Acquisition

Christopher Weaver, founder of the iconic game developer and publisher, Bethesda Softworks, gave exactly one in-depth interview following yesterday's announcement of Microsoft agreeing to...
Bethesda Studios Acquired by Microsoft

Microsoft Closes $7.5B Bethesda Acquisition Out Of The Blue

Microsoft today announced it has agreed to acquired ZeniMax Media, one of the largest video game publishers in the world and the owner of...
Bethesda Starfield Update

Bethesda Promises Largest Tech Upgrade In 15 Years For Starfield

Starfield, one of Bethesda Softworks' two next-generation games confirmed to be in development as of right now, will mark the largest upgrade to the...
Switch Exclusive Monster Hunter Game

Capcom Announces Two Switch-Exclusive Monster Hunter Games

Following almost four years of fan pressure, Capcom today at last announced that its beloved Monster Hunter franchise is soon about to encompass Nintendo's...
Immortal Fenyx Rising

Monster Energy Drink Didn’t Force Gods and Monsters Rebranding: Ubisoft

The Monster Energy (drink) brand had absolutely nothing to do with Ubisoft's decision to rebrand its previously announced action-adventure called "Gods and Monsters" into...