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Valve Updates Steam Link With Keyboard, Mouse Improvements, Many Other QoL Features

Valve today released the latest version of its mobile streaming app Steam Link for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The said over-the-air upgrade comes with dozens of quality-of-life improvements, many of which are centered on offering a more robust support framework for as many peripherals as you can think of, so long as you’re thinking of potential ways of controling whatever number of games you’re streaming to your mobile device of choice.

From wired and RF keyboards, to their Bluetooth counterparts and just as many gaming mice models across every connection standard released over the last decade or so, to countless gamepads, controllers, and even joysticks, this latest version of Steam Link should really transform the app and make it way more intelligent in regards to its ability to handle third-party input on the go.

Without any additional configuration apps that you have to download from either the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, and zero requirements centered on seemingly random but 100% bizarre workarounds involving a YOLO-level of unsigned driver build modifications, and similar recipes for fueling your paranoia.

The mobile app now even offers native support for the haptic feedback and vibration motors found in every current iteration of Xbox One and PS4 controllers.

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