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PS5’s Sales Reach 10,000,000 Units – With a Twist

Sony has recently published reports regarding PS5 sales, achieving great success. Ten million consoles were sold within nine months from release to this day. Judging the situation by that single fact alone, it is logical to assume that everything is going flawlessly for Sony. However, the first problem one might encounter is the poor availability of PS5s across the globe, making it difficult to purchase a unit or next to impossible in some regions. This outcome is due to the global chip shortage, which puts Sony at risk of not satisfying the consumer demand but every other large entertainment hardware (or otherwise) vendor. Nevertheless, Sony’s representatives have said on several occasions that their goal is to hit 15 million sold consoles by the end of this fiscal year.

PS5 Is the Second Fastest-Selling Console in History

Despite the logistical difficulties of the period surrounding PS5’s launch, it seems that Sony will be able to achieve that goal. The rate at which PS5 is selling is even more impressive, considering the issues currently surrounding the market. If we look back in the history of console sales, PS5 is second only to Nintendo Wii’s sales, marginally. On the other hand, when taking Sony Playstation consoles sales history, PS5 is ahead of PS4, surpassing its sales numbers by 3,000 units per day within the same nine-month period. Thus, PS5 is most definitely going to be the most successful console in the Sony PlayStation series history.

Entertainment Industry Is on the Rise in General

Around the time the PS5 got launched, the entertainment industry was experiencing demand increases, particularly online-based. Betting and casino websites also benefited significantly during this period as more and more people resorting to this type of entertainment. To go along with this trend, HTML5 got introduced as the replacement for Flash, a development tool for embedding interactive content into websites. The casino industry recognized the benefits of HTML5 and has quickly implemented it, making it possible for players to get the best online casino games experience in their homes. The new standard allowed for more devices to access content, and PS5 is no exception to this. Its built-in browser can run HTML5 with ease, adding a lot of variety to PS5’s gaming experience.

Additional Sony’s Milestones

The chip shortage situation has impacted many tech companies, but hardware manufacturing is just one aspect of the technology business in general. A lot, if not most, of the revenue acquired by these companies originates from software sales, and Sony did not disappoint in this department either. The console’s launch games, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Returnal, have achieved 6.5 million, 1.1 million, and 560,000 copies sold, respectively. Competitors such as Microsoft’s Xbox have achieved reasonably good sales but still reaching just 60% of Sony’s console sales. Correlated game copies sold are closely linked to console sales as one feeds the other.