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Canon Debuts PowerShot Zoom Camera With An Insane Zoom Range

The PowerShot Zoom is the name of Canon’s latest consumer camera. But you may not be able to tell what it is just from looking at it. Because it takes the form of a hi-tech telescope/monocular.

Which is hardly the go-to form factor for any type of camera, modern or not. But the demand for such a device clearly exists because the PowerShot Zoom would not be coming to the market otherwise. And we mean that quite literally, because Canon actually crowdfunded the PowerShot Zoom in its home country of Japan.

Japanese photography enthusiasts pledged the equivalent of over $300,000 for the PowerShot Zoom to happen. And the main motivation for many of them to do so is the fact this unusual gadget features an insane zoom range. Its two native modes offer 100mm and 400mm focal length equivalents, and there’s also a hybrid digital zoom going up to 800mm.

The f/5.6-6.3 aperture is also quite decent for a superzoom, especially one that fits into your pocket and costs a fraction of what a DSLR- or mirrorless-compatible alternative would. More specifically, Canon intends to retail the PowerShot Zoom at $299 and the camera has already been confirmed for a U.S. release next month.

But it’s still unclear whether it will come to Europe and other markets beyond America and Japan.

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