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New Logitech Folio Touch Keyboard Tackles iPad Pro Versatility

Logitech wants to make the iPad Pro an even more versatile machine with the addition of a physical keyboard to Apple’s tablet. Not the most original idea, but Logitech argues its new Folio Touch makes up for that in sheer functionality.

That is, it’s touted as offering a significantly greater level of quality and operability than pretty much any other product, including Apple’s own Magic Keyboard line. The latter ostensibly wasn’t a large influence on the Folio Touch as Logitech’s new accessory looks more like one of Microsoft’s Type Cover keyboards than anything Apple put out for the iPad. As it includes a kickstand that supports the iPad Pro from about a third of the way down its heighth (in landscape mode, obviously).

This should make it more “lappable” – so to speak – than the Magic Keyboard as it seems to result in a sturdier construction. The kickstand itself is adjustable and another big selling point of the Folio Touch is its Smart Connector support. Logitech is releasing the accessory globally by the end of the month and has set its MSRP at $159.99.

The first edition of the keyboard will only be compatible with the first two generations of the 11-inch iPad Pro, which may prove to be a problem if enough of the iPad Pro user demographic insists on maximizing screen real estate.

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