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Man literally risks marriage with $8,000 gaming PC

One very brave man risked the prospect of marrying the love of his life for a single gaming PC. In his defense, it was $8,000 worth of a single gaming PC that was on offer. And by “on offer”, we mean “had to be actively pursued on a per-component basis and then assembled”.

As you might have guessed, he decided to make the purchase, and it wasn’t long until his fiancé discovered the connection between the appearance of the shiny new toy and the disappearance of the couple’s wedding and honeymoon fund worth €7,000, which amounts to just over $8,000.

There may be more at play here, besides the brand-new PC

The woman in question shared her story on Reddit, unsurprisingly alluding to much deeper issues plaguing their relationship, not to mention drawing suspicion to the cited figure. Namely, she gave provisional approval of the purchase, unaware of how much a gaming PC could go for.

Still, as her fiancé supposedly got a wide array of peripherals, a gaming chair, and other bells and whistles to go along with the PC, it doesn’t take a lot of recklessness for one to end up in the $8,000 territory. Especially if he was never in a position to spend his entire paycheck on something, a mistake everyone tends to make once in their life, but one most people learn from.

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