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FIFA 21 Demo Cancelled Due To Next-Gen Consoles

EA Sports is cancelling the playable demo for FIFA 21 that was in development for both PC and consoles. The company shared the news earlier today, clarifying that the decision to axe the entire thing had to do with an overall lack of time coupled with the usual annual pressure of getting things out through the door in time for the start of the new season of football.

Going into even more details, it would appear the developers intend to invest the extra time into making sure the next-gen versions of FIFA 21 for the Xbox Series X, S, and the PlayStation 5 are up to the standard expected of every new installment in the FIFA franchise.

Whether that means the next-gen ports of the game have been a bigger challenge than usual so far is not immediately clear. But the decision to cancel the FIFA 21 demo is a noteworthy one seeing how it’s difficult to remember the last year this series lacked a playable demo.

It happened over a decade ago, however, and this will probably be the sole odd year in that regard as FIFA 22 is more likely to return to demoing its offering free of charge than not.

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