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G2 Esports Makes CS:GO History By Signing FaZe’s NiKo

G2 Esports made CS: GO history by completing the signing of Nikola Kova─Ź, better known by his online alias Niko, from FaZe Clan. The...

Shroud Criticizes Massive Player Salaries In Dying ‘CS: GO’

Former pro CS:GO player and one of the most successful gaming streamers ever, Michael Grzesiek, aka Shroud, opened up on the current state of...

96 CS: GO Spectator Bug Abuse Cases Surfaced So Far

The investigation centered on a newly discovered spectator mode bug concerning Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has so far yielded 96 cases of deliberate abuse. That...

Valve Considers Limitations To CS: GO Coaching After Abuse

Valve is considering limitations on CS: GO coaching following reports of yet another istance of systemic abuse of a bug that went unreported for...

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