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Call of Duty: Mobile Anniversary Season 11 Launches With New Map

A year and one week ago, Call of Duty: Mobile arrived on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, proceeding to rack up hundreds of millions of downloads around the wordl rather swiftly.

In celebration of that milestone, its latest update, Season 11: The Anniversary, is now here for everyone to enjoy. Well, almost now, less than 20 hours to go, that is, as a company representative revealed the rollout begins at 5PM PT tomorrow.

New characters and weapons will be included, as is the case with pretty much every new season of Call of Duty: Mobile. One particular novelty here, however, is that this jubilee and its celebrations also introduce a brand new map, as well as a whole different game mode to explore.

The latter is called Cranked, and appears to be all about explosions, so back-to-back frags sound kind of mandatory here. The map mentioned above is called King and will be available in Gunfight and Duel, according to the developers.

As for the arsenal expansion, the new weapon we’re looking at here is the Fennec SMG, one of the currently most popular picks in Call of Duty: Warzone and a way for CoD: Mobile to stay in touch with its bigger brother, so to speak.

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