Sunday, April 11, 2021
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SEOUL Dynastiy coach leaves

Leading Overwatch Strategy Coach Leaves Seoul Dynasty

Kim Hyeong-seok, better known by his gamer tag WizardHyeong, is leaving Seoul Dynasty, one of the most high-profile and accomplished professional Overwatch teams in...
Overwatch to get a Battlepass

Overwatch Possibly Getting A Battle Pass As Devs Announce Massive Changes

Four years following its release, Activision Blizzard's hit online shooter Overwatch may be about to undergo some pretty massive changes. Many of which are...
Activision Blizzard releases Nielsen Metric

Activision Blizzard Faces Uncertainty In Esports As 2020 Draws To A...

Activision Blizzard is on its way to concluding yet another successful year by almost any metric, including its achievements and results in the world...
2020 Overwatch League Finals

2020 Overwatch League Finals Set New Viewership Records

The 2020 Overwatch League Grand Finals set a number of new viewership records that quite clearly indicate this particular Esport niche is nowhere near...
Overwatch Devs Detail Halloween 2020

Overwatch Devs Detail Halloween 2020 Content Update

Activision Blizzard today detailed the Halloween Terror event in Overwatch which is meant to celebrate this year's Halloween, i.e. commemorate the event with yet...
IBM enters Esports Overwatch

IBM Announces Multi-Year Overwatch League Sponsorship

The Ovewatch Esports scene is about to grow by a significant factor following the latest sponsorship deal announcement which was made public just hours...