Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Population One Battle Royale Oculus

Population: One Dares To Charge Upfront For VR Battle Royale

Population: One, stylized so as to look like some's shouting the name due to sheer excitement or any other number of more concerning reasons,...
PS5 Camera Won't Work With PSVR

PS5 Camera Won’t Work With PSVR

The PlayStation 5 Camera, that was introduced just a few weeks ago, offers an array of upgrades over its PS4 predecessor and at the...
Oculus Quest 2 Is Out

Oculus Quest 2 Is Out But Facebook Reliance Kills Hype

Facebook today released the Oculus Quest 2 after some degree of separation between its polarizing, recently purchased studio specializing in virtual reality experiences and...
Oculus VR Gear facebook account

Facebook Accounts Becoming Mandatory For Oculus VR Gear

Despite downplaying the possibility that Facebook will become inseparable from Oculus-made virtual reality hardware back when it bought the company in 2014, that is...
Googles DayDream is done

Google Finally Takes Daydream VR Off Life Support

It's been a long time coming, but it finally happened. Daydream VR is no more, with Google just announcing its decision to take the...
HP Omnicept Solution VR

HP Only Getting Started With VR, Vows New Enterprise Push

While its involvement in the virtual reality space was not exactly in question, HP feels it's not to soon to remind the world VR...
Mortal Blitz Combat Arena

Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena Gets PSVR Release Date

Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena will be coming to the PlayStation VR platform early next month. Today, Sony's premiere gaming brand announced the action game...
Vader PSVR Game Release Date

Renowned Star Wars VR Trilogy Starring Darth Vader Is Coming To...

A first-of-its-kind virtual reality series in three parts, all pretty universally lauded by critics and fans alike - and all starring the iconic Darth...
Vive XR Suite Presented

HTC Vive XR Suite Will Help You Adjust To This New...

As many of us who have have been spending a lot more time at home this year can attest, being at home so much...

HP Launches VR Headset Backed By Microsoft, Valve

It should come as no surprise that HP's latest high-end virtual reality headset is also its most ambitious one to date. What's way less...
Vive Cosmos Elite headset announced

HTC Gifting Half-Life: Alyx To Vive Cosmos Elite Buyers

HTC today announced all buyers of the new Vive Cosmos Elite headset will be gifted Half-Life: Alyx along with their purchase. The bundle makes more...
PlayStation VR Separation PSVR

Indie Adventure Separation Out On PSVR This Week

Separation is the name of a new PlayStation VR game that is out this week. It is an adventure made by Recluse Industries, a...
HTC Presents Vive Cosmos Modules

HTC Presents Vive Cosmos Modules For More Versatile VR

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC wants to add to the versatility of its Vive Cosmos series of virtual reality headgear. To that extent, it today announced...